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Rules and Information about 10th prestige Lobbies. - PS3 + Xbox 360.

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Rules and Information about 10th prestige Lobbies. - PS3 + Xbox 360.

Post  TCGF Sonny on Sat Nov 13, 2010 9:23 am

You must put the following to host a 10th Prestige Lobby:

Date Hosted:
Time Hosted:
GamerTag of Host, Co Host*, LiveStreamer, Other*:
Join Session Progress: Yes / No
PayPal Link* **:
LiveStreaming Link*:
And any Additional Information if needed!
*- not necessary.
**- you must put a 'DONATE TO TCGF' and a link to donation page at the top of the Page!

Rules for a 10th Prestige Lobby

-- You are not allowed to demand Payment, if the host does please Private Message a Staff Member with proof of it. Then the Host will be banned for a maximum of 14 days if repeated then it will result in a Permanent ban.

-- If You don't put down the correct GT to try and either annoy them, get them banned or for any other reason; then it will result in a Warning and if repeated it will end up like the above, banned for 14 days maximum and then a permanent ban.

-- If you Spam the Topic with 3 or more topics an Hour it will be counted as Spam and you will be Banned for a day. If continued it will result in a Permanent Ban.

-- Do not ask for + Karma otherwise your thread will be immediately removed.

-- If you post a topic in the Xbox 360 or PS3 10th lobbies section saying that you are hosting a lobby; but infact you are not. You will get banned from hosting lobbies forever unless you have a reasonable explanation for it.

-- If you advertise in these forums you automatically get an immediate permanent ban from the forums - this could include IP Ban - and your account will be deleted.

-- If you get reported with 'Scamming' and there is proof of it. You will get an immediate permanent IP ban and your account will be deleted from the forums unless you can prove otherwise.

-- If you post lobbies OR infections in the wrong forums; the topic will be removed without further questions! So please post in the right forums!

-- If you try and get someone banned from hosting for a reason like 'I wasn't invited to the lobby' or 'he never replied to my messages' you will get a 1 day ban unless you prove otherwise.


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